Exterior view of O'Shaughnessy Science Hall 而且 Owens Science Hall on the St. 圣保罗校区. 托马斯。


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St. 托马斯是最有价值的教育

美国新闻最佳性价比学校标志说到学术质量, U.S. 新闻 & 世界报告排名. 托马斯。 a top value in Minnesota, 而且 one of the best values in the nation. In addition to providing an extraordinary education, we also make it attainable financially by offering each student up to $33,每年有000美元的优秀奖学金. 也有基于需求的援助. 如果你梦想成为汤米, we want you to be part of our community 而且 will do all we can to help you make it happen. 当你从巴黎人官方网登录网址。 you will be ready for success - 97% of Tommies are employed or in graduate school within six months of graduation.



of all first-time, first-year students receive a St. 托马斯。 scholarship, which you can use to pay any of your costs of attendance at St. 托马斯。


is the average cost of tuition 而且 fees per year for students in the Class of 2025 whose family have an adjusted gross income of under $50,并使用他们的St. 托马斯奖学金支付学杂费


is the average cost of tuition per year (after merit aid) for students in the Class of 2025 who use their St. 托马斯奖学金支付学费

We'll Help You Figure Out the Cost of College


You are assigned one financial aid counselor to help you the entire time you're a Tommie. They will guide you through the process 而且 are always available to answer your questions.


We'll help you underst而且 costs of college 而且 the many ways to lower them.


This helpful tool will provide an estimate of your financial aid 而且 net cost.

St 托马斯。 library viewed through autumn leaves


St. 托马斯。 offers many scholarships to support your education, including several full-tuition scholarships. Full-tuition scholarships include the Dease Scholarship Program, GHR研究员计划, 舒尔茨创新奖学金 而且 Science, Mathematics 而且 Engineering Scholarship. There are plenty of opportunities for both future students 而且 students currently attending St. 托马斯。.


St. 托马斯承诺

  • All first-time, first-year students admitted to St. 托马斯。 are automatically considered for a St. 托马斯奖学金- 97%获得. 外部援助并没有减少巴黎人官方网登录网址奖学金给大多数学生.
  • 你的St. 托马斯。 merit-based scholarship awards will not be reduced during your undergraduate program (for up to eight semesters) as long as you are consecutively enrolled as a full-time, degree-seeking student making Satisfactory Academic Progress, 以及你从巴黎人官方网登录网址。 而且 outside sources does not exceed your cost of attendance.
  • If your family experiences a substantial change in financial circumstances, we will reevaluate your aid package 而且 provide additional financial resources if you qualify. Your financial aid counselor will help you navigate next steps.


巴黎人官方网登录网址只是个开始. 外部援助和巴黎人官方网登录网址。 need-based 奖助金 can help cut your costs even more. Find some of the many ways you can help pay for college.

奖学金 They’re the biggest way to drive down costs. 巴黎人官方网登录网址有很多这样的人. In fact, 97% of students receive one (or more). 视图奖学金
奖助金 These are need-based funds that you never have to pay back. (You will need to submit the FAFSA or MN Dream Act each year.) 视图拨款
贷款 You can borrow money 而且 defer repayment until after graduation; often the best option for covering the gap in your bill. 查看贷款
学生就业 All students have the opportunity to work on campus, 赚钱来抵消开支, 获得宝贵的工作经验, 而且 helping the university deliver necessary services. 查看学生就业情况
学费减免 Some organizations offer tuition remission benefits to their employees 而且 dependents; these benefits help pay for the cost of college. 更多关于学费减免计划
军事利益 退伍军人, 退伍军人的配偶和家属, 而且 ROTC members may be entitled to benefits from a variety of programs to assist with educational expenses. More information about these programs is available in the link to the right. 查看军事利益
税收优惠 Several federal tax benefits are available to help pay for post-secondary education. These include tax credits, tax deductions 而且 exclusions from gross income. 查看税收优惠
j学期和夏季学期 Summer session 而且 January term (J-term) courses are offered at a 50% tuition discount. Students are still encouraged to apply for financial aid specific to Summer 而且 J-term. 查看J-Term和夏季学期助学金
出国留学 Financial aid is available for study abroad programs approved by the St. 托马斯留学办公室. 查看留学资助
外部援助 When calculating your financial aid package, St. 托马斯必须考虑所有的奖学金, 奖助金, 而且 education-related benefits you receive from sources other than St. 托马斯。. If you receive any outside aid, please report it in the financial aid award section of Murphy Online. 报告外部援助


消费者信息: 要求披露 for prospective 而且 current students required by the Higher Education Act 而且 报告学生的担忧.


Your one-stop-shop for the forms, timelines 而且 links to help you through the financial aid process.


财政援助都是细节. And here are the details about how we administer financial aid. It can get complicated, so let us know if you have questions.


The process isn’t over once you’ve submitted your confirming deposit. There are a few things you still have to do on the financial aid side of things before you get here this fall. 使用巴黎人官方网登录网址经济援助清单 帮助你完成这些步骤.